Over and over again.

As any one who has toddlers know, once they decide to like something – they really like it. Both my girls fell in love with the classic Goodnight Moon, which we read so many times our original book fell apart.

Why do kids want to re-read the same story so many times? It is about finding comfort in the familiar and predictable. Studies have shown that re-reading the same book allows for deeper understanding of the story and better absorption of new vocabulary.

Before you call in Samual L. Jackson for his hilarious retelling of the of Good Night Moon as Go the f* to sleep below are some tips to embrace re-reading stories.

  • Ask opened questions: these are questions that do have have a yes/no or specific answer. I usually ask was there a funny part of the story? Or tell me about how the character in the story does things differently from how we do routine do things. This opens up for conversation – you may be surprised how your toddler responds.
  • Do a picture walk: simply look at the drawing and illustration and have your child name the objects, colors, and numbers. These are great learning extension activities.
  • Explain and define new vocabulary words: children books contain vocabulary and word that are not often found in everyday speech. Use this time and opportunity to broaden your child’s horizons. Not sure about the word yourself? Model looking up and learning new information. You don’t have to know everything to teach your child.
  • Focus on different themes: for a slightly older child, you can ask about rhyming words. For younger children, you can relate parts of the story to your child’s life. For all levels, pause before a favorite line and see if your little person can fill in the blanks.

Find ways to add some variety to the reading even if you are reading the same book over and over. Saying yes to your child’s favorite book is an act of love which will fill their cups for years.

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