All The Feels

This beautiful book takes on deep topics and emotions with grace, skill, and courage. The book follows a young Black youth as he engages with his feeling and the community at large around the recent death of a Black girl at the hand of the police. Black Lives Matter #BLM displays prominently from the cover to the pages with protests.

Despite the heavy topics, I liked the book centered Black boy joy and ended with a message of peace and hope for the future.

My reason for reviewing this book is that I loved how the simple langue and bold pictures allowed for open conversation about emotions. Did you know that identifying emotions is one of the first steps towards emotional intelligence and empathy?

I used the book to engage my daughters in conversations about what does it mean to be fair? How can someone show love? What is something they are proud of? These open ended questions stimulate ideas, thoughts and reasoning.

If you are looking for a book to start the conversation about BLM, the protests of summer 2020, emotions, social justice – this book is a great start.

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